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- An Enclave of 5 Neat and Tidy, Older, Age 55+ Communities -
- A Wide Selection of Economical Homes -
- A Plethora of Nearby Senior Activities -
- A Near-Perfect Year-Round Climate -
- A Resort-Like Setting -

Ideal for Your- Winter Home, Summer Home or Retirement Home!


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 Low $200K's

Attached Homes


Detached Homes


The Oceana Communities-

The Oceana communities are economical places to live and enjoy life throughout your active retirement years and they are also wonderful places to entertain guests and grandchildren.
Oceana as a whole may best be described as a village of five separate senior communities. They were built over the 22-year period from 1964 to 1986. They contain a total of more than 2000 well-kept homes ranging in size from approximately 650 to 1660 sq. ft.
One community (Oceana Real), is a 3-story condominium complex. The other communities contain single-story, attached homes. Two communities also contain detached homes. Oceana's communities are all well-maintained and their grounds are attractively landscaped. Some of their homes have been modernize and updated and the resulting transformation, in some cases, is truly amazing. One advantage of mature Senior Communities like Oceana is that their residents are retirees of all ages; from 55 to the 90's. This makes it easier to meet people in an age group with interests similar to yours.
All of the Oceana communities are located in the city of Oceanside, California, approximately 4 to 6 miles from the Pacific coast. This close proximity to the coast, with its nearly constant ocean-influenced temperature and coastal breezes produces a very comfortable year-round climate that, when Climate Comparisons are made, ranks among the best climates in the U.S. The Original Oceana community, built between 1964 and 1971, is the oldest and largest with 932 homes. It has a very nice community center with loads of senior activities. Please Visit-
Original Oceana Community Association website for more information.

Oceana is a village of five Senior Communities. All with very moderate climates due to their locations being 4 to 6 miles from the coast.

Oceana's communities offer many economical and attractive home choices. One community is a 3-story condominium; the others consist of 1-story homes on attractively landscaped grounds. Some have beautiful views as shown in the photo above.

The Oceana South community was built between 1973 and 1975 and the Oceana East community was built between 1975 and 1977. The Emerald Isle Golf Course is located between these communities. It shares its northern border with Original Oceana, its southern border with Oceana South and its eastern border with Oceana East.
The Oceana Real community, located on Vista Rey Street, is a 54-unit, 3-story condominium built in 1972. It borders the west edge of Original Oceana. It has its own swimming pool and spa.

The Oceana Mission community, built between 1978 and 1986, is separate from the other Oceana Communities. It lies approximately 1.5 miles northwest of Oceana East.

Each of these communities except Oceana Real, has subdivisions that are, typically called “Units" or "Phases” Each of these subdivisions has a clubhouse with a social room and kitchen and a swimming pool and spa. Some communities also have RV parking lots.

Pet Restrictions -
The Original Oceana community is unique in that it allows 2 dogs of any size in their detached homes (call 760.757-3937 for more information). The other 4 communities follow the more conventional pet restriction of allowing only 1 small dog. Please note that Pet Restrictions may change over time so please check them out if you own a pet, before making an offer on a home.


Oceana's Great Location-

A Resort-like Ambience-
Its  close proximity to the beautiful city of San Diego, to The Coast (Oceanside's Marina, Pier and City Beaches) and North County's many additional attractions such as the Carlsbad Flower Fields, Legoland California, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park , and excellent Golf Courses, all combine to create a truly resort-like ambience. Please visit our Directory of Activities and Resources for Retirees to learn more.

A Wonderful Year-Around Climate-
Located only approximately 4 to 6 miles from the Pacific coast, the nearly constant ocean temperature and coastal breezes provide a very comfortable year-round climate with average summer highs in the high 70's (°F), winter lows in the low 40's(°F), and sunshine approximately 70% of the time possible. Its Climate ranks among the best in the U.S.

Close to Everything-
Living in an Oceana Community means that you're never far from fine, moderately priced restaurants, quality shopping, giant movie theaters, live theaters, golf courses, theme parks and other recreational sites. You are also located less than 5 miles from the Tri-City Full-Service Medical Center.

Ideal for Military Retirees-
Camp Pendleton
is nearby and convenient.

The Oceanside Harbor, Marina, Pier & City Beaches are
a less than a 6-mile drive from Oceana's communities.


The Emerald Isle Golf Course is close by and actually borders some Oceana Communities

Easy Access to Freeways & Other Cities-
Highway 76 is less than 1 mile and Highway 78 less than 3 miles from the Original Oceana community (the other Oceana communities are also close, but at slightly different distances). These highways provide easy access to other North San Diego County cities, to the I-5 (coastal) and I-15 (inland) corridors to San Diego (approximately 40 miles away) and to the rest of California. Nearby McClellan Palomar Airport provides Air Taxi and Charter Services. Rail, and long-distance bus transportation is available at the convenient Oceanside Transit Center.

Home Choices-

The homes in the Oceana were built in many phases which accounts their many different floor plans and architectural styles. They have many different outside features too, such as patios, atriums and nice views of greenbelts, hills, valleys and city lights.  Some even have views of Emerald Isle golf course fairways. Inside, some homes have a wide variety of amenities such as skylights, fireplaces, heat pump air conditioners, etc., etc. All are well-maintained on the outside and many have been refurbished and modernized on the inside and in some cases the transformation is simply amazing. This webpage can only provide an overview of these homes so please feel free to Contact Us for additional information.

Condominiums: Oceana Real contains one 54-unit, 3-story condominium built in 1972. Its units are typically 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom units of approximately 1180 sq. ft. in size. They are connected to a gated car port parking area by 2 elevators.
The ground floor units have one or more patios and the 2nd and 3rd floor units have one or more balconies. The upper units have panoramic views of hills, valleys and city lights and some even have ocean views! This complex has a community swimming pool and a nice clubhouse.

Attached Homes:
The majority of the homes in Oceana's communities are attached homes, that is, they share one or more common walls with an adjoining home. They were built in many different phases from 1964 to 1986 which accounts for their huge variety of sizes and styles. They come in duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, in 1 or 2 bedroom, 1, 1.5 or 2 bath models and in sizes from 660 to 1498 sq. ft. In addition, some but not all homes have patios, some have spectacular views, and other amenities.
They also come with a large variety of parking arrangements including one-car carports, 1 car garages, 1 car garages + carports or 2 car garages. Some garages and carports are attached to the house; others are in a separate building.

Detached Homes:
Some detached homes are located in the Original Oceana and Oceana East communities. These 2 bedroom, 1.5 to 2 bath homes were built in different phases over the years from approximately 1967 to 1976. They range in size from approximately 1100 to 1800 sq. ft. They each have a 2 car garage.

The Five Oceana Villages Offer a Huge Variety of Reasonably Priced Homes for Retirees

Oceana Real is a 54-unit, 3-story Senior (Age 55+) Condominium. The only one of its type in North County.


The other Oceana communities offer many different styles of attached homes All of the attached homes are under Condominium agreements. Typically, they have a well-manicured lawn in front and garages and/or car ports in the rear.

An example of a detached home in Oceana East. The Original Oceana Community also has detached homes of various styles.

Home Availability-
Oceana is a large senior village with a variety of homes for sale most of the time. The 3-story condominium units however may be scarce.
If you are interested in learning more about what is for currently sale in Oceana, please
Contact Us. We will be happy to send you information on homes that are currently for sale and if you wish, show them to you.

Home Prices and Home Owner Fees (August, 2016)-

Condominium Homes in a 3 Story Building-     None for sale but estimated to sell in the low
Attached Homes (are also Condominiums)-      Mid to High $200K range
Detached Homes-                                                 None for sale but estimated to be in the $300K's Home Owner's Fees- These fees range from approximately $320 to $414 per month. They typically cover maintenance of common grounds, including the community center, pool and spa, water, sewer, trash and basic cable TV.  They may also (depending on the Oceana Community), pay for some insurance and some or all exterior building maintenance.
Note- Both the fees and the coverage's may be different for different communities and for different subdivisions within a community.

Senior Activities-

Each of the Oceana communities and subdivisions has a clubhouse with a social room and kitchen, a swimming pool and spa. Some communities also have RV parking lots. The Original Oceana community has a very nice community center with loads of planned activities. The other Oceana communities also have nice community centers with planned activities.
In addition, the surrounding North San Diego County area offers a multitude of Things to Do. The city of Oceanside itself offers many Oceanside Activities for it citizens and has 2 Senior Centers; the original Oceanside Country Club Senior Center (less than 6 miles away) and the brand new El Corazon Senior Center that "Targets Baby Boomers", (approximately 3 miles away).
Oceanside also offers beach walking/jogging, surfing, swimming, sailing and fishing activities less than 7 miles away at the Oceanside City Beaches, Pier and Harbor. Golf is available at the Emerald Isle Golf Course and at other nearby Public Golf Courses. The preceding is however, just a small fragment of activities for retirees; please visit our Retirees Activities & Resources Directory to explore the hundreds of additional activities available in the Oceana area.

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Simply put, we will do our best to help you find your dream retirement home. We are very familiar with North San Diego County's Senior Communities and the types of homes they offer. Stan McNiel is our Seniors Real Estate Specialist (See SRES), who has spent more than 36 years in real estate. Ralph Anderson has spent the past 10 years exploring the pros and cons about retiring to North San Diego County.
Our specialty is helping folks like you retire to North San Diego County. Please visit our About Ralph and Patty Anderson and the Retire in North San Diego County Website web page.

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Condominiums: Are defined as individual units in a building or development in which owners hold title to the interior space while common areas such as parking lots, community rooms and recreational areas are owned by all the residents.

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